It has been a great journey with you. I still remember the first session we had. I could not stop
cribbing about all the bad things in my life and feeling bad about myself, overthinking, and a lot
more. I could feel a lot of negativity.

But through all those sessions, you helped me look at myself in a completely new light. You were
the ear to hear me, you were the place where I could let it all out without being afraid of being
judged or embarrassed. I felt that comfort I had been looking for. Not only the hearing part but
also the way you made me look at things, love myself, cope up with the past, accept things, and

And today when I look at myself, I feel happy, I feel confident, and instead of looking at the
negative things, I can now feel that positivity on which I had given up hope.

So thanks a lot for being that helping hand when I needed it the most and that too in the most
comforting way. I hope we will stay in contact even in the future.


Hi Palka, this is just a feedback of Aaron therapy sessions that he has had at Trijog. You cannot put all feelings in words, but i will  try to express myself in the best possible way I can. First of all I would like to thank God for the giving me the thought of searching on Google for help in that tensed situation when I got to know that my son had lied to me and had handed over a suicide note to the family of the girl whom he had a break – up. I still remember that at the first shot I had dialed the wrong number, and the driver in the rickshaw actually tried to comfort me as I did not even know that I was crying. When the phone on the other side was lifted, there were such comforting and encouraging words that I was assured that I have had tapped the right source for help.The very next day I was given an appointment at Trijog and You were the person I met. The situation was so well handled by you. The entire environment was very very positive. The other support staff was also very co-operative be it for an appointment or answering calls.
Palka I am thankful to you for helping my son realize his shortcomings and the way to handle it. It was so beautifully and systematically done that he himself mentions it very often saying Mum, Palka said this and I feel she was right.

It easier to handle children when they are small, but as they grow, their problems too grow and at some point or the other we do need help to help our children grow. I don’t know how difficult or easy it may be for everyone. But I know I have given my child the best help I could by taking him to a Psychologist for help. Even today not very many people are comfortable going for counseling, bcoz they think it is meant for mad people. But they fail to realize that just as we go to a physician for physical health issues, we need a Psychologist to take care of our mental health and motivate help us think correctly and soundly. Palka, you have helped my son to look within himself and handle the 2 major aspects during these therapy sessions. i. e. Anger his greatest weakness and accepting that he can’t always be the right one is now become easier for him. The suicidal tendency does not exist anymore. The session is come to an end in about 7 to 8 months, and I am positive about the way he will be way of handling the situation. I’m there as a parent to help him, but I hope to get in touch with Trijog for follow up session if need arises.
I would like to thank all of you out there at Trijog and pray that God Bless each one of you and your families for reaching out to people in desperate situations like I was in. May the people who need Psychological help come out more freely becoz it is ultimately our personal life and our loved ones that matter the most to us, not the gossiping world.
Thanks dear and God Bless

Connie Pinto

Good evening dear Dr. Palka & team Trijog.

Speaking the mind is not at all as easy as it sounds. With the lightning of a decision that I had
made one fine day to speak up, distressed and get help, I was directed to Dr. Palka by Team Trijog.

Little did I know, I would have to open up to Dr. Palka, a complete stranger, about my inhibitions, anxieties and emotional uncertainties. Surprisingly, on the first session itself, Dr. Palka made me comfortable and gave a keen ear to what I had to express.

I could gauge the sense of good listening in her persona. Every session that I had with her left me motivated, with a sense of looking forward to implementing whatever ma’am had suggested in modification of my perspectives to many a situations in my current life.

As an educator myself I know we learn new things in every step of life. But, it was challenging to meet the efforts required on a personal level, I understood many a new ways in which many emotional outbreak could be handled.

I would like to stress and reiterate that every session I have had with Dr. Palka honestly made me fill myself with positivity and a sense of clarity to gain confidence in handling a situation in my life. Her guidance and patient motivation has made me a much more confident person. There is much clarity and smile these days as we progress in my case.

I am filled with gratitude that she is non judgmental to my situations and shares simple yet eye opening pragmatic suggestions. I look forward for more such sessions dear ma’am.

Pooja Chandran

Hi Palka,

Thanks for the sessions, They have been extremely helpful in understanding my feelings, stresses &how to overcome both of these. I feel overjoyed at how different I feel & how my outlook with life has changed, especially how to see a situation rationally & irrationally and how to act upon it.
Having somewhere to speak freely  not be judged, Hearing yourself say what is wrong makes it easier to put in perspective work out ways to make it better.

I would also like to thank the whole Trijog staff for conducting such hasslefree sessions.

Shubham Jain

Hi Palkha Ma’am,

This is just a small note, for thanking and appreciating you for supporting and helping me in my challenging times.

I was going through one of the most complex phases in my life, and that’s when I had reached out to you. I really felt relaxed talking to you. The way you helped me de-clutter my thoughts and how you helped me see things differently was something I really needed at that point. The techniques you taught me on handling a thought and anxiety are some things that I would carry on in my life.

Also, I would like to give a shoutout to the CSE that I was in contact with. Aadya was really supportive and approachable and handled things really well.

I will definitely get back to you after a while as per our last conversation.

Thank you soo much Palkha Ma’am, for everything you have done! ��


I really benefited from Nita as she helped me to identify the root causes for fatigue and unhealthy eating habits. It was a process. Not many can do that. I am grateful.

Charu Luxmi

Nita’s clarity on weight loss is amazing. She makes the journey simple and easy to follow. How slowly and steadily she led me to lifestyle changes is unbelievable.

Neelam Rohini

I kept asking for a diet plan, but she gave no fad diets, just pure wisdom and common sense was used. With Weight loss, higher energies, reduction in medicines came as bonus.

Aruna Patta

Nita ji focused on my lifestyle changes with common sense. I learnt the importance of increasing my happiness index and be in a state of gratitude to reduce sickness and improve my sleep pattern. She is the best lifestyle coach who has immensely added value in my life, weight loss was a byproduct. I am grateful to her and her team associate Palka Kapoor.