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Are you feeling   unsure about the future of a relationship?
Do you just feel that you aren’t living the life you were meant to lead?
Are you feeling  you’re down or anxious?

Whatever your needs may be, our professionals are here to help you get back on track. Therapy /counselling is a process of growth and self-discovery, and we at Dumpito promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a positive outlook through the adoption of new attitudes and reactions.

Dumpito is a Mental Health and Holistic Wellness Platform where counselling is available for Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Weight management Issues (weight loss, inch loss), Anger Management, Work Stress, Sleep Issues and other Psychological issues and Lifestyle Issues.

It is a Confidential Platform where you are not Judged .
It is a safe space where you can vent and dump all your worries and apprehensions out of your mind and feel emotionally ,mentally and physically balanced.
Each therapy session is tailor/custom made as per the symptoms and needs of the individual. This Platform can be used across the heterogeneous population as we all need to be HEARD and VALIDATED.

Dumpito is a one stop solution for all your Mental health needs from Diagnosis to effective treatment therapy. Mental Health along with Wellness gives a Holistic and complete wellbeing experience to an individual at Dumpito.
Modes of Therapy-Online, Offline, Video Sessions and Chat Sessions.
Dumpito is a place where :

  • Your Emotions are Felt
  • Your Thoughts are Validated
  • Your Silence is Heard 


Is your mental health or emotional health affecting your ever day life (personal and professional) and function (daily activities/routines)? Gain comfort, calm and peace of mind with Dumpito. We can help provide a safe place to talk through life challenges and help you rebuild your emotional resilience and effectively manage your thoughts.
Being a parent is hard and challenging in today’s ever changing times. As parents we want to give our children the best that we can. If you are worried, concerned or need any kind of information  about your child having emotional, learning, intellectual challenges, or any other concerns, Dumpito can help.
The  New age employee experience is here to stay. Now, leading organizations know that the key to higher productivity, profitability, retention, absenteeism, and engagement is to focus on your employees’ Happiness Index .Our Mental Health Management Programme can unlock huge value in your organization.



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I just wanted to share some good news with you, I have gotten a great salary hike at my current job and you taught me a lot about gratitude and giving myself a pat on the back for job well done from time to time, I just felt like sharing this little achievement with you as it wouldn’t have been possible without the help I got from you in doing better generally in life so thank you

Mahima Rawat

Thanks for the sessions, They have been extremely helpful in understanding my feelings, stresses & how to overcome both of these. I feel overjoyed at how different I feel & how my outlook with life has changed, especially how to see a situation rationally & irrationally and how to act upon it.
Having somewhere to speak freely & not be judged, Hearing yourself say what is wrong makes it easier to put in perspective & work out ways to make it better.

Shubham Jain




The art of being intensely aware of what you are sensing and feeling in the moment ,without interpretation or judgement. It helps to relax mind and body and reduce stress.

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Psycho Education

Psycho- education helps us and enables us to equip ourselves better with our issues. It is always good to keep on learning and thus work on oneself. It helps us to calm our racing thoughts and feelings and shows us the more balanced way of dealing with situations. Read our blogs

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Late Night/Sleep Hygiene

For your emotional health a sleep routine is very vital. Sleep is the time when the body repairs and heals itself. Disturbed and irregular sleep pattern leads to mood swings, irritability, lethargy. Follow a regular sleep hygiene and regulate your thought and body processes.

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Have you found yourself falling prey to the taboo and stigma surrounding mental health? Let’s  build a generation that is mentally well and healthy.  Break free from the stigma through these blogs!

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Personal Goals and Dreams

Read through the personal journeys of people just like you and me-normal, regular individuals and feel motivated and excited about life – they will leave your heart warm, and mind filled with love and respect! Let’s get our Vitamin M-Motivation through peoples stories, struggles and then victory. Rise and Fall like a Phoenix!

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Need your daily dose of motivation. Step out of your comfort zone and lets help you  to change, grow and transform.
Tune in and read up on some blogs, stories, and take baby steps  to your Transformation journey.

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