Our Counselors


Palka Bhasin Kapoor and Nita Bhasin, both are extremely well versed with disciplines of mental health and holistic wellness.

A certified Lifestyle Management Expert Holding a Post Graduate Degree in Preventive and Promotive Health Care from Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research.

She has done her Graduation and Masters in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing last 15 years.

A certified Art Therapist from AIBHAS, New Delhi.

Palka has also been an active participating member of the CBSE National Adolescence Education Programme under the Ministry of Human Resource Development ,Government of India, and National Progressive Schools Conference(NPSC) In Technical Collaboration with “Expressions India”.

Master Hypnotist(Hypnotherapy) from California University, USA.

PG Diploma in Management of Learning Disabilities.

A certified DIDACTIC and HANDS on training in Basic Life Support by the American Heart Association(Fortis Hospitals).

She is a Certified Nutritional Advisor on Integrative Dietetics accredited by ISMN.


30+years’ experience in the fields of Alternative Healings and Wellness.

Is a Certified Nutritionist and a Wellness Coach from NHI California (NABH Accredited).

She has been mentored and coached by a  team of professional’s and doctors of various fields in medicine,led by Dr Sam Rehnborg of USA.

She follows the principals of Dr. Ross Walker, Australia” and Dr. Ray D Strand MD, author of “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine Maybe Killing You” in her Wellness interventions.

Nita uses Mindfulness and habit formation techniques to change behavior towards food.

She is a certified Reiki Grand Master, and a  follower of Dr. Mikao Usui.

Nita is a Motivational Speaker and Author of the book “And Now Common Sense In Holistic Wellness” and “Reliving Reiki Miracles In COVID 19″.

She is a Certified Nutritional Advisor on Integrative Dietetics accredited by ISMN.