In order to maintain healthy working relationship between the counsellors/psychologists/therapist and  official at Dumpito and clients.
I/we understand that all my /our interactions with the counsellors/psychologists/ therapist and official at Dumpito– must be subject to certain rules formulated to protect the interests of both clients and their counsellors/psychologists/therapists. Therefore, I/we agree to make avail of the services provided at Dumpito–subject to the following conditions.
1. I/we understand that the advice/counselling/training provided at Dumpito serves as guidance and is merely advisory in nature. I /we will not hold Dumpito liable for any loss, damage or harm caused to myself/ourselves or others that arises from my/own actions or omissions that exceed or do not accurately comply with the guidance/advice/counselling/training provided at Dumpito.
2. I /we understand the importance of preserving the confidential and professional nature of the interactions I /we have with during my/our sessions at Dumpito. I /we will not send Facebook friend requests / requests from any other social media accounts to my/our counsellors/psychologists/therapist and official at Dumpito. Neither will I /we follow their personal accounts on Instagram or Snapchat, or any other social media vertical. Neither will I /we attempt to contact the counsellors/psychologists/therapist and official at Dumpito on their personal numbers either through SMS or WhatsApp or via a phone call or by any other means, if not officially suggested so.

3. I/we understand that recording and/or circulating any video/audio sessions is strictly prohibited and will not be done so unless explicit written permission is obtained from the organisation to do so under special circumstances that the organisation deems fit. If the same is found to be done legal action can be initiated.

4. It is being clarified at this stage that you affirm, agree, and understand that any coercive steps or any uneventful decision taken by you after consulting Dumpito or after registering with Dumpito, Dumpito shall not be held liable for any kind of attempt, assist, inducement or instigation for any unfortunate step/decision taken by you.

We purely work on the line of advising and providing therapy for mental calmness and shall not be responsible for any kind of intimate decision taken by you.

5. In case of any misconduct, inappropriate comments, behaviours, gestures, etc the decision to terminate sessions remains solely at the discretion of the organization.

6. I understand there are potential risks to technology usage during tele-counselling sessions, including interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. I understand that my health care provider or I can discontinue/reschedule the tele-Mental Health counselling session if it is felt that the connections are not adequate for the situation.

7. The decision for refund of any amount remains solely at the discretion of the organisation. 

8. Late Joining 
1)  We request you to join in the Zoom meet/ Google meet on the given appointment time. 
2)  In case you are late for your session, a buffer time of 10 mins will be given to every client but post that it will get over at the scheduled time.
Example: In case your session was scheduled from 5.50 pm to 6.00 pm, a buffer of 10 mins is given and the therapist will wait until 6.10 pm to begin the session, which will be conducted for the full duration of 50 minutes till 7 p.m. Post the buffer time of 10 minutes, the session will be carried on from the time client joins the Session to 7 p.m. i.e., the balance duration.
3)  Understanding that we have prescheduled appointment in the case an adjustment can be made it that will be considered.
9. Cancellation
1)  Once the session is booked by the client and confirmed by Dumpito, Cancellation if any by the client must be made at least 2 hours Before the fixed slot.
2)  Any cancellation made within 2 hours or at the last minute will be considered as a fully charged session to respect Dumpito’s quality assurance policy.
3)  In case of No-show, it will considered as a session and the payment will be deducted.
10. Dumpito will maintain complete client confidentiality. Sessions between the therapist and the client are strictly confidential, including information disclosed during the course of sessions, any notes taken by the therapist, audio recordings, video recordings. Dumpito will not discuss any information outside of the Dumpito.

Team without the client’s explicit agreement, with exception to certain limitations by law such as:
a. Abuse to a child, disabled, elderly, other people
b. Criminal Acts
c. Sexual Abuse/ Harassment
d. Threat to self (suicide risk) or others (homicide risk)
e. Acts which may involve the transmission of HIV/AIDS
f. Any other instance where the therapist has a duty, or he or she has a firm belief that there is a necessity to disclose.

11. I /we will respect the rules set in place by Dumpito regarding its operations. I /we adhere to the timings of the sessions and other appointments made at Dumpito. Any scheduling or rescheduling of appointment / sessions at Dumpito will be made by/us in advance with due consideration of both my / our convenience as well as the convenience of the counsellors/psychologists/official at Dumpito.